Y Meadows Empowers Your Service Agents

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Leverage AI to alleviate the pains of the past

Supercharge your service team with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Train machine learning models to not just read messages, but understand them contextually using your own terminology with custom "Labeling."

About Intent Labeling

Our unique journey builder

Connect to a message source

Y Meadows can integrate with your internal systems as well as any ticketing system.

Let AI choose your path

Leverage artificial intelligence to set the exact path that a certain type of message will go on using branching logic to perform simple or complex actions across multiple systems.


The option for additional human review is critical part of the journey, especially for cases that require 100% accuracy.

Journey Completed!

The issue is resolved successfully and you're onto the next message from the queue in just a matter of seconds.

End-to-End Resolution

Set up fully automated journey workflows to to resolve virtually any routine customer issue.

See how it works

Human in the Loop

Maintain control by adding a review step for complex issues that require additional security.

See how it works

Become Smarter with Machine Learning

Don't use AI to replace your service agents; use it to empower them. Leverage Machine Learning to train your models to adapt to new problems.

More about machine learning

Built for Enterprise

This is the era of SaaS 2.0 -- a modern architecture built on the advances made in containers, container orchestration and serverless technology.  Y Meadows is architected from its foundation to take full advantage of these advances.

The State of AI

NLP technology has changed dramatically in the last eighteen months – enabling solutions aimed for enterprises that simply were not feasible before.Download our E-Book to learn more about how we use NLP to ensure state-of-the-art performance.