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4 CX Insights from Isobar

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  • CX and EX (What’s EX?)
  • When’s the Right Time to Ask for Feedback?
  • Walmart’s 50 Year Employee


The reality is customer experience (CX) is not a standalone experience. CX and employee experience (EX) go hand in hand. Each customer engagement leads to adapting the employee engagement.

With remote work, we transformed our day-to-day schedules and are finding balance across work and home priorities.


3 Ways to Employ EX to Enhance CX 📣

Forbes explores a few shifts in the dynamics of CX and EX today. Based on a recent study by McKinsey, 90% believe that the current crisis is an opportunity to “fundamentally change the way we do business over the next five years.” Time will tell if the new business model will continue to innovate and adapt.

1. Resilience and Stability

  • Every business has had to adapt to the changes in the environment today. We have seen new policies for the safety and protection of employees employed in myriad industries.
  • Happy employees help to create a happy workplace, which can translate into happy customers.
  • CX and EX are in synergy, and if you create safe environments for risk, then innovation can thrive across teams and boost the confidence to explore unchartered paths.


2.The Total Experience

  • Gartner, Inc. shared its 2021 strategic technology trends report and echoed the CX and EX synergies, taking it a step further.
  • The total experience breaks down the business silos across multi-experience (MX), CX, EX and UX. This streamlines the end-to-end experience and provides a competitive differentiator and edge in a time of dynamic change and adaptability.

3. Make Equanimity The Golden Rule

  • Innovation in customer experience and employee experience has opened new doors for creative thinking and challenging the norm. How we work and how we connect with our customers is all about finding a new path on the road to equanimity and compassion.
  • The world and our economy are more united in ways we cannot imagine, and it’s up to us to embrace the similarities vs. the differences.




3 Times to Ask for Feedback  🔗

There’s nothing quite as valuable for businesses as customer feedback. Syed Balkhi of Business2Community explains how you can make smart decisions that keep potential customers invested in your company when you see how people feel about your products, brand, website design, .

After Buying a Product

  • One of the best opportunities you’ll have to gather feedback from your customers is after they complete an order on your website. If consumers like your company enough to pull out their credit cards, they obviously have strong opinions about your brand.
  • It’s also possible to get targeted feedback on products or services. Wait a week or two after the user receives their product before sending out a review form. You want users to get the full experience before leaving a public review for others to see.

While Engaging on Social Media


  • Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have over 3 billion users, so it’s a safe bet that you’ll find your target audience on these websites. However, finding potential customers is only half the battle. You have to consistently provide helpful content and posts if you want consumers to engage with your brand.
  • Syed recommends engaging with your audience by naturally responding to what they say about your products, brand, or industry as a whole. If you start to notice consistent patterns in requests, issues, or compliments, you can add this information to your list of actionable feedback.

Occasionally Ask Through Email


  • Email marketing has grown a whopping 4,400% because it contains customers that genuinely care about your product or service.
  • Due to the commitment of these customers, you can bet that they will happily give you feedback if it means they get an improved experience in the long run. Send out feedback forms to your email subscribers based on the products they’ve purchased, how long they’ve been subscribed to your list, and their history of email engagement.

4 CX Insights from Isobar

Snacks for the Road 🍿

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  • Business Word of the Year [Link]
  • “Don’t You, Forget About Me”: Learning CX From 80s Music [Link]
  • Walmart Celebrates a 50 Year Employee! [Link]

A Penny For Your Thoughts…

“If your customer is dead set on buying the cheapest option today, then chances are pretty good they’ll be dead set on buying the cheapest option tomorrow as well. And that may or may not be you. After all, there’s usually little stopping your competition from discounting their way to a win. In that game, loyalty is essentially irrelevant, as customers aren’t looking for a partner, they’re looking for a bargain.”

Matthew Dixon
The Effortless Experience (2013)

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