Our AI Customer Service Automation solution is uniquely built to meet Enterprise needs.

Custom NLP models

Y Meadows tunes pretrained models with client data, allowing the models to correctly understand your unique terminology

Unsupervised Learning

The machine learning models continuously get smarter as messages are processed

Cloud or On-Premises Hosting Options

Y Meadows is built to fit your security requirements. Our software can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud–even in air-gapped environments


Y Meadows is developed from the ground up to support our global customers.


International Support

Our teams currently support North America and EMEA Customers with other regions on our roadmap



Privacy and security are core to Y Meadows’ enterprise focus .
Interested in our Early Adopter Program?

We are still in stealth mode but if you find our story compelling, we would like to talk to you about our early adopter program.

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Follow the latest trends in AI Customer Service Automation and NLP

We plan to regularly monitor the latest trends and publish our thoughts on AI Customer Service Automation and Natural Language Processing (NLP) from both a business and technical perspective.

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