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Y Meadows mission is to empower customer support teams by automating painful and repetitive processes, enabling agents to focus on higher value tasks. Y Meadows does that with three primary steps:

customer communications

Y Meadows understands the meaning  of customer communications. Whether it’s emails, tickets or website forms, we have an engine that can process it all.

requests and issues

Through our “action engine”, Y Meadows executes workflows that you define: querying databases, retrieving documents, redirecting messages. 


Y Meadows will learn and get smarter as it processes more and more requests in your environment.

Understanding Customer Intent:

Y Meadows AI Customer Service software is built to understand customer messages, whether from email, chat, or web form. 

The software uses deep learning neural net NLP models that allow Y Meadows to not only read the messages, but understand them contextually, without having to rely on keywords or rule based formats.

Each client has models custom trained with their unique data and entities to understand their unique terminology and recognize relevant information within the message.

End-to-End Resolution:

Once the NLP models have determined what the customer wants, the software can use Customer Journey workflows to solve virtually any customer issues.

Some Journeys can be as simple as rerouting a message to a specific support member, or enrich messages with information for the support agent. More complex Journeys can be built in our Journey Builder, which allows users to create sophisticated workflows with branching logic to resolve complex or long customer journeys. By adding Journey automation, Y Meadows enables support teams to achieve end to end resolution for a large variety of customer support issues.

Become Smarter:

You can use Y Meadows in environments that require 100% accuracy.  The option for human review and corrections is a core part of the Journey.  As reviewers mark messages, the system becomes smarter and more accurate.

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