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NLP powered customer service automation

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The intersection of RPA and human communication
Y Meadows uses machine learning and robotic process automation to bridge the gap between people and systems.

Our mission: improve team effectiveness and customer satisfaction through our AI Customer Service Solution

The Age of AI Customer Service Automation

It has never been easier for businesses to engage with customers and partners. Businesses use a huge variety of communication channels, such as email, tickets, contact forms and chats….leading to great opportunities but also great challenges.  

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Y Meadows can help you achieve improvements by handling any type of communication within your organization through our AI customer service automation solution.

Y Meadows enables more efficient customer service. Here are some ways Y Meadows drives superior customer experiences and  increased productivity.

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Overview of our AI Customer Service Automation Solution

Y Meadows is built on the latest breakthroughs in Natural Language Processing (NLP) enabling AI Customer Service Automation.

This type of machine learning enables us to:

customer communications

Y Meadows understands the meaning  of customer communications. Whether it’s emails, tickets or website forms, we have an engine that can process it all.

requests and issues

Through our “action engine”, Y Meadows executes workflows that you define: querying databases, retrieving documents, redirecting messages. 


Y Meadows will learn and get smarter as it processes more and more requests in your environment.

Key Usage and Benefits in AI Customer Service Automation

How you use Y Meadows will depend on your business.

Our early adopters have use cases that include marketing, customer service and internal team support

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Handle incoming communication activities

Use Y Meadows to make your customer service team more effective

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Unique Features aimed at Enterprises

The Y Meadows team comes from the world of enterprise software solutions. 
Our solution is built for the enterprise

Use Cases from our Early Adopter Program

Respond to internal sales and support requests from thousands of employees.  Help the support team by enriching tickets with background information


Rapid response to partner queries:  billing, internal capabilities, and conflict checks


Direct messages to the correct team. Electronically file incoming documents and reports

Real Estate

Respond to prospects with inquiries about property purchases and rentals


Embed the Y Meadows solution as part of a broader SaaS application


Deflect customer support tickets by responding with a clear set of action templates

Interested in our Early Adopter Program?

We are still in stealth mode but if you find our story compelling, we would like to talk to you about our early adopter program.

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Follow the latest trends in AI Customer Service Automation and NLP

We plan to regularly monitor the latest trends and publish our thoughts on AI Customer Service Automation and Natural Language Processing (NLP) from both a business and technical perspective.

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