The heart of Y Meadows is the ability to easily and securely integrate with other systems. The average customer support person has to work with seven systems! Y Meadows drives productivity by directly working with those systems–whether they be internally developed tools or external applications.

Email Systems

Use Y Meadows to read, understand and process incoming emails.  Emails can be automatically moved to folders and tags can be added to trigger automations. For human-in-the-loop processes, Y Meadows can create draft responses for your team to review.

Messaging Systems

If your team lives in a messaging system, let Y Meadows directly interact with the environment you work in. We can monitor channels and directly respond to messages. Use forms to trigger complex workflows that are fully managed by Y Meadows. Work with customers in shared connections, or use Y Meadows to support your internal teams.

Ticket Systems

For many companies, the key integration is with your ticketing system. Y Meadows has deep integrations with all of the major ticketing systems. Process the initial customer message or every interaction. Run our artificial intelligence on each ticket and act on customer sentiment. Use your existing templates to automate responses….and much more!


Let Y Meadows’ CRM integration simplify the life of your agents. Based on CRM information Y Meadows can decide on a playbook for each customer interaction. Let Y Meadows update your CRM system so that you have a fully accurate history of all of your customer issues.

Customer Systems

User Y Meadows’ powerful tools to interact with your company’s internal systems. Whether or not you have API’s in place, Y Meadows can automate the work that your customer support agents are doing today. Learn more about low-code/no-code tools.

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