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Leveraging AI To Advance Customer Service

Everywhere around us, customers' preference to be served by human agents rather than intelligent machines is commonly cited. But, what if AI in customer service can help to deliver more human experiences than what humans can do?

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The Changing Landscape Of Ticketing Systems

In the customer service domain, ticketing system providers have had to update their products in order to serve their customers better. Read more to learn about the top new trends that we are seeing in customer service ticketing systems.

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Implementing A Ticketing System

In order to meet customers’ demands for fast resolution times, companies need to incorporate a sound ticketing system for customer service to drive fast, consistent, excellent service. Such a system can help your business fast-track customer support issue-resolution.

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How NLP Is Used For Improved Customer Care

In the domain of customer service and customer care, many organizations are now leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced natural language processing solutions to comprehend better and leverage all facets of customer relationship management. These organizations collect vast amounts of unstr...

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RPA: A New Frontier In Customer Service

Customer service has always been a crucial business differentiator. In fact, the history of customer service possibly goes way back to the first commodity service that was ever sold to a buyer. For many decades, and even centuries, customer servic...

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10 Features Each Ticketing System Should Have

If you’re running a newly established business with a limited pool of customers, you may get away with a team-shared inbox when resolving customer service issues. Nevertheless, once success knocks on your door, your sales start to grow, and you ha...

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Machine Learning's Role In Raising Service Standards

Nowadays, customer service is no longer just the domain of humankind. Computer systems and software simulated with human intelligence are increasingly utilized to help customer support representatives keep their customers content with their servic...

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5 Customer Service Trends You Need To Follow

Organizations worldwide will agree that customer service and the customer experiences that arise from their customer service effort determine the growth and expansion of their business. As a result, customer experience or CX is a buzzword that’s c...

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List Of The Top Ticketing Systems For Customer Support Agents

As your business operations and client base will expand over time, utilizing a top ticketing system software will become increasingly important and a huge priority for your customer support department to run successfully. Without one, your team of...

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AI Customer Service: Employing Transformer NLP Models

Present-day companies receive customer support requests and inquiries from different customer support channels. This may include phone calls, emails, ticketing systems, tweets, live chat conversations with customer support agents, and more. That’s...

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The Competitive Advantages Of Using A Ticketing System

Suppose you're an experienced customer service professional or a top-level executive who knows the ins and outs of how customer service divisions work. In that case, you already know that when a customer service agent tells a customer who obviousl...

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10 Ways Machine Learning Creates Business Opportunity

On a similar note as numerous other cutting-edge technologies of the modern-day era, machine learning was once science fiction. Nevertheless, AI and machine learning technologies have moved from the stuff of science fiction to a staple of modern b...

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