Customer Service Strategies That Enterprises Should Adopt

Companies that deliver remarkable customer service do so purposefully by creating successful customer service strategies. A customer service strategy is the base for each thriving service culture and includes a thorough plan to handle different customer interactions. It lets companies provide a strong customer experience throughout multiple touch points of the customer journey.        

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And customer service strategies are essential for larger-scale organizations and enterprises. They can easily make or break their business if something is off with the way they engage with their enterprise customers.

On the other hand, top-class enterprise customer service will most definitely result in a more loyal client base. Loyal customers buy more frequently than regular customers, spend more, and refer their family and friends to spend at the businesses that treat them properly.

So, are you interested to know more about the best enterprise customer service strategies that you can implement within your organization to bolster your enterprise customer experience and help create a top-of-the-class service culture?

Beneath, we’ll lay out the four best strategies you could implement right away so that your customers will be excited to chat with you and your company. But first, let’s take a look at what it means to be an enterprise business.

What Does It Mean To Be An Enterprise Business?

Currently, an enterprise is a word that gets thrown around a lot and has many definitions, which can make it difficult to understand if your business falls into this category.  

The primary definition of enterprise is a business or company. On the surface, “enterprise-grade security”  means security software meant for businesses, right? Well, it’s not that simple because usually, the term enterprise comes with a hidden meaning.

The real meaning of enterprise is a huge business or company. Enterprise is the total opposite of small businesses. As a rule, enterprise means that you have hundreds to thousands of employees or that your company is present in multiple markets across the world.

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For the purpose of this blog post, which will talk about the five best enterprise customer service strategies available, we’ll assume that enterprise-level businesses have at least 250 employees and are present in more than one market around the world.

So, if your business meets these two criteria, read along to discover how you can strengthen the overall enterprise customer experience with your business by implementing our five sophisticated strategies.

Top Enterprise Customer Service Strategies That Companies Should Adopt

Customers are the heart of each thriving enterprise and should always remain the business’s top priority. This is precisely why you should focus on keeping your customers pleased and content with great products or services and, more importantly, excellent customer service.

Therefore, if you want your customers to cherish your business, you need to deliver superior customer experiences at all times. Here are our five strategies that can help you improve your company culture and customer service standards.

Embrace Multi-Channel Servicing

Most enterprise customers prefer to purchase from companies that provide consistent customer service across multiple channels, which is why embracing multi-channel servicing communication options is our first suggestion.

It's of the highest importance that your company can switch between multiple channels when servicing customers' inquiries yet enjoy a consistent quality of service. This strategy can help boost your enterprise's credibility and reputation. Some of the best practices that can help you provide top-class omnichannel enterprise customer service to your clients include:

  • Being present on your customer's mobile devices. Customers expect excellent support services while they're on the go. You need to make sure that your customer support service and support pages are mobile-friendly to meet your clients' expectations.

Furthermore, with the introduction of AI-powered customer service software you can further improve your business's customer service effectiveness and satisfaction. By leveraging artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and robotic processing automation, customer service departments can now better understand the intent of customer messages and fully resolve them through custom-designed workflows.

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  • Your customers are all over social media. Nowadays, a lot of customers are utilizing social networks for customer complaints, inquiries, and queries. For that reason, you should make the most out of the power of social media to bridge the gap between your company and your clients. Provide effective solutions to your customers that contact you via social media platforms, and always look for ways to improve your response times.
  • Modern-day clients love self-service. These days, younger generations presume that companies will help them fix minor problems by themselves, and because of that, they often look for self-service solutions like FAQs, for instance. Therefore, make sure that your FAQ page(s) provides easy-to-understand fixes to all common issues.

Support Experience Ownership With Your Customer Service Agents

With hundreds or thousands of customer service representatives in your company, supporting and encouraging ownership of anything may seem counterintuitive at first. However, while it’s true that your employees should be able to pick up an account and immediately fix the problem, instilling a workplace culture that supports ownership of the experiences they provide to clients can create more than a sense of obligation—it creates a sense of pride and fulfillment at the same time.

Permit your enterprise customer service representatives to take ownership by solving customer issues as they deem best. Let them be flexible, within reason, and address issues, and provide solutions on their own. This sophisticated customer service strategy encourages ownership of the enterprise customer experience and is often referred to as the reinvention of customer service.

Implementing Automation Solutions Can Help With Supporting Experience Ownership

Moreover, by integrating intelligent automation solutions like Y Meadows' NLP-powered model with your internal system or any ticketing system, you can further empower your customer service representatives not to lose time on tickets that don't require immediate human attention and let the combination of natural language processing and machine learning technologies solve the issues for them.

By letting Y Meadows resolve the simple customer service tickets, you can free up your customer service agents from engaging in dull, repetitive tasks and allow them to focus on resolving more complex problems. This way, you can put your customer service representatives in the driver's seat and let them be the ones who influence and enable change, or in other words, take ownership of the process by having greater responsibility and placing value in their line of work.

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Naturally, you’ll still need a set of rules, guidelines, and standards to ensure that your workforce is delivering an evenly stellar experience across the board, but letting them take the initiative with solving customer problems encourages creative and flexible problem-solving routines. This strategy always benefits both the customer and the business, as a slight shift of company culture is a win-win for all parties concerned.

Make Your Customer Service More Than Just A Service

Many big corporations have this terrible reputation of treating their clients like nothing more than numbers. Consequently, when you have tens of thousands of customers to serve, this can be an easy pitfall for your business. This is why you should try to avoid this mistake happening to your enterprise.

Create a more customized, personal experience with your customers by empowering your enterprise customer service agents to solve issues and create new opportunities with customers at the same time. For example, suppose that your business sells electronics. Educate and transform your customer service representatives into consultants and help clients recognize the best devices for them.

This enterprise customer service strategy applies to all industry sectors, whether you sell products, services, or both.

Consistently Invest In Your Customer Support Team

Last but not least, improving your overall enterprise customer experience begins and ends with building and nurturing a strong customer service team. Here are a couple of practical examples of how you can bolster your customer service performance through your team.

Hire And Train Customer Service Professionals With The Right Set Of Skills

No tool, system, or software will ever compensate for the lack of a skilled workforce. Because of that, whenever you’re looking to hire people to strengthen your customer service department, you should exclusively hire individuals who possess the right skills for the job.

Also, you should organize regular training sessions to improve their skills every once in a while. The most notable skills that every customer service operator should possess include:

  • Great communication skills. The workforce you hire must be confident enough and possess strong communication skills. The perfect agent should convey what they mean positively and should never end conversations in a way that leaves a client dissatisfied.
  • Patience and empathy. A customer service agent has to deal with various types of customers. Some are annoying, some are confused, while others may have thousands of questions at once. Nevertheless, the customer support agent needs to deal with all of them patiently and professionally.
  • Knowledge is power. Make sure that your employees have complete knowledge of your product, service, and all pricing plans. Customers don’t appreciate it when a customer service representative provides them incorrect information.
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Track The Performance Of Each Employee And Appreciate Good Work

If you’re unsure how skilled your enterprise customer service agents are, you should ask your customers about their experiences when dealing with them and even ask for their honest review. Through these reviews, you can gain valuable insights like ratings to track the performance of each representative.

Additionally, it would be best if you always recognized the efforts of your employees who constantly deliver high levels of enterprise customer experience and satisfaction. You can reward them either with incentives or gifts, as this will motivate and encourage them to achieve your customer service goals.

Final Thoughts

Enterprises worldwide have the scale to make big waves in their industry, but the same scale can be a hurdle to delivering and improving the enterprise customer experience.

And as some of the most impactful changes for enterprise customer service departments start with fixing the workplace culture, make sure to carefully go through the strategies mentioned above to operate at the highest levels of business possible.

The bottom line—treat everyone involved well and with respect, and rest assured that they’ll return the favor.


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