Enterprise Features

The Y Meadows AI Customer Service Automation solution is built from the ground up using the latest advancements in server-less technology to meet the needs of today's enterprise business.

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Custom NLP Models
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Cloud or on-premises hosting
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Multi Language
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Active Learning
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International support

Custom NLP Models

Y Meadows tunes pretrained models with client data, allowing the models to correctly understand you unique terminology.

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Unsupervised Learning

The machine learning models continuously get smarter as messages are processed.

Cloud or On-Premises Hosting

Y Meadows is built to fit your security requirements. Our software can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud--even in air-gapped environments.

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Y Meadows is developed from the ground up to support our global customers.

International Support

Our teams currently support North America and EMEA Customers with other regions on our roadmap.

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Privacy and security are core to Y Meadows’ enterprise focus.

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