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How GPT-4 Is Revolutionizing Customer Service

You may have heard of GPT-4, but did you know that it's actively being used by support teams to automatically resolve customer requests?

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The ROUTE To Your Customer's Heart

Ticket routing is one process that many businesses fail to get right. Read more to learn about automated ticket routing for customer support.

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Addressing The Needs of Agents To Boost Morale

As employee empowerment becomes more widespread, agents are demanding more from their employers. Read more on how to better meet the needs of your employees.

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The High Cost of Low Morale

Did you know low morale costs American businesses up to $550 billion dollars a year due to lost productivity?

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Zero-Shot Learning for Emotion Detection

Learn about a new, novel approach to ED which relies on Natural Language Inference (NLI), a Natural Language Processing task.

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Leveraging AI To Advance Customer Service

What if using artificial intelligence in customer service can help to deliver more human experiences than what humans can do?

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The Changing Landscape Of Ticketing Systems

Ticketing system providers have stepped it up in terms of offering better customer service. Read more to learn about top trends in support ticketing systems.

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Implementing A Ticketing System

Learn about ticketing systems that can help your business fast-track support and issue resolution.

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How NLP Is Used For Improved Customer Care

Read about how organizations are now leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced natural language processing solutions for customer relationship management.

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RPA: A New Frontier In Customer Service 

Read about the new frontier, Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

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10 Features Each Ticketing System Should Have 

Can you recognize a robust ticketing solution when you see one?

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Machine Learning's Role In Raising Service Standards

Take a closer look at artificial intelligence, machine learning, and its role in creating first-rate customer experiences.

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