Emerging Incident Detection Process

Parent Creation
Ticket Resolution

1. Discovery

Y Meadows closely monitors every incoming support case to recognize issues as they arise and to determine if the issue might be connected to a new parent incident.

Two examples of a new case could be:

2. Validation

Y Meadows promptly notifies the support team through Slack (or any other internal messaging tool) about a potential new parent incident.

The support team has the ability to:

3. Parent Creation

If the parent is validated, Y Meadows will create a "parent case" in the incident management system and establish a connection between the customer messages and the parent case.

4. Ticket Resolution

When a parent issue is successfully resolved, Y Meadows has the capability to automatically execute actions on all cases associated with that parent.

Y Meadows enhances efficiency by automating these processes, effectively organizing and closing all cases connected to the parent issue upon its resolution.

Technical Overview

For Emerging Incident Detection, we utilize cutting-edge AI-driven Vectors and Embeddings. So, what are these…

Imagine 2 different balls – a golf ball versus a basketball. In the AI world, to identify these balls using a numerical scale, you would assign a number for each defining characteristic such as size, color, hardness, etc. The collection of these numbers form Vectors and Embeddings.

We apply the same principle to issue reporting, identifying similarities and unusual trends, which allows us to proactively spot and alert on emerging issues regardless of how they're reported.

This detection helps us instantly and accurately group, alert, and respond to these issues  – saving your team and customers from a bunch of chaos. 

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