How it Works

Introducing 'Robotic Ticketing Automation'

Y Meadows empowers customer support teams with the most advanced AI technology to automate painfully manual and repetitive processes improving the experience for both customers and agents.


A robot with 6 hands directing figurative support cases to case-specific destinations.
Classify and route messages by their 'Intent' to exact person or department


A robot exchanging information with a human illustrating Y Meadows's ability to enrich customer support tickets.
Identify and missing information from support inquiries or requests


A support agent feeling good about Y Meadows's automatic support case resolution.
Completely automate tickets from end to end

Understanding Customer Intent

Y Meadows is built to understand human intent from written messages, which can come in through a variety of channels like email, online chat, webforms, etc.

Our solution leverages deep learning neural net NLP models that enable the use of context (not just keywords or rule-based formats) to process and understand a message.

Since context is unique and specific to each and every business, our customers' language models are first pre-trained using their very own data.

End-to-End Resolution

Based on the intent determined by the NLP model, the support message (ticket or case) is processed through a predetermined sequence of workflow actions or steps, which we call a "Journey."

Journey workflows can have a wide variety of use cases, ranging from simple to complex, and enable support teams to automate the resolution of virtually any customer support issue.

Examples include rerouting a message to a different department, gathering pieces of information related to a particular message from a separate database, or responding directly to a customer.

Model Training

Although Y Meadows enables support teams to automate the resolution of a large variety of customer support issues, some cases require an additional layer of security and can't be automated.

The option for human review and corrections is one of our core values, which is why we've designed the "Review Panel."

As reviewers mark system decisions as correct or incorrect, the model becomes smarter and more accurate over time.

A flow diagram of Y Meadows's automatic support case resolution and review process.