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Using OpenAI to Automate Customer Service With Y Meadows

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. Its ability to answer questions and generate high quality text on-demand is astounding.

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5 Machine Learning Challenges for Customer Support

Customer Support teams need specialized tools designed with their unique workflow in mind. Here are 5 unique challenges they face in utlizing machine learning technology that Y Meadows solves for.

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Y Meadows Intent Labeling

Our NLP models are trained to interpret support messages by type such as a password reset request, which we call an ‘Intent’. Learn about our Labeling feature.

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Y Meadows Company Overview

Y Meadows is dedicated to improving the experience for customers and employees. Reducing time spent on repetitive and mundane tasks enables businesses to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and provide the highest level of customer support.

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