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Got a question? Well, look no further. Our general knowledge FAQ is here to answer all of your questions regarding what we do, how we do it, and much more. 

Is Y Meadows a chatbot?

Y Meadows is NOT a chatbot. Y Meadows is the ultimate AI plug-in for shared inboxes and ticketing systems. Y Meadows is powered by machine learning, robotic process automation, and natural language processing built specifically for customer service to intelligently interpret written messages and perform automated actions to get them resolved. Unlike chatbots, Y Meadows does not attempt a conversational interaction.

How is this different from my current shared inbox/ticketing system?

Y Meadows is not a ticketing system. Instead, Y Meadows is an AI plug-in for shared inboxes and ticketing systems. Y Meadows works within your helpdesk - routing, enriching, and resolving large volumes of inquiries.

How does this integrate with my shared inbox/ticketing system?

Y Meadows typically offers integrations for each inbox/ticketing system using APIs or powerful RPA processes. This effectively gives our customers the ability to automate actions and workflows in their existing system. Y Meadows also integrates with databases and third party applications so customers can link and automate actions from one system to another to provide more efficient problem solving.

How do I know if I’m a good fit for Y Meadows?

Y Meadows works with leading companies in a range of industries such as ecommerce, logistics, banking, and more. A good rule of thumb is that if your company receives a minimum of 3,000 customer service requests per month, then we’re potentially a good fit for you.

What types of challenges can Y Meadows resolve for my support team?

Y Meadows handles a number of challenges for support teams such as the initial routing of inbound messages, reducing “system-swiveling”, and responding to repetitive requests such as unsubscribe, track order, exchange/return, reset password, and many more. 

What are Y Meadows' 3 main use cases?

1. RESOLVE- Utilizes robotic automation to completely resolve customer tickets from end to end within your ticketing system 

2. ENRICH- Pulls in all the relevant information and data needed to answer a ticket and delivers it to the agent for him/her to act on

3. DIRECT- Assigns customer tickets to the correct team within your ticketing system 

How does this compare to what my human agents do?

Y Meadows works within your shared inbox just like a human agent - routing, enriching, and resolving inquiries. However, unlike human agents, Y Meadows is able to resolve a large volume of inquiries in a fraction of the time, allowing your agents to focus on more complex queries and provide a more humanized experience.

What languages does Y Meadows support?

Y Meadow works with more than just English. In fact, Y Meadows works with most European languages. Other languages are on our roadmap as well.

What is your pricing?

Y Meadows has flexible pricing plans. Pricing is based on usage on a monthly basis. Y Meadows pricing objective is to deliver a 10x return with a low-cost, low-risk point of entry.

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