Y Meadows + Office365

If your company uses Office365, the Y Meadows automation engine can transform your support operations.

Y Meadows offers deep integration with Office365 which allows companies which operate without a ticketing system to get many of the same powerful capabilities.

As with our other integrations, Y Meadows will receive and respond in near real-time to messages coming to your companies email.  Your Office365 administrator can control exactly which mailboxes Y Meadows is able to monitor and what functionality is open to us.

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Case Triage

As part of a Y Meadows journey, we can perform any or all of these actions on each message:

  • Add / remove a category
  • Add / remove a flag
  • Get category information
  • Move messages into folders
  • Mark messages as read / unread
  • Forward an email
  • Send a reply (even with a different TO line)
  • Create a draft reply
  • Read attachments
  • Add attachments to outbound responses

Use case example:

Your customer has an inquiry about the status of an order.  The message arrives in a support inbox.  Y Meadows retries the message and uses its AI model to determine that this is an “order status” issue.  The journey engine finds the tracking information, creates the outbound message–either as a draft or it sends the response.  The original message is labeled, categorized and moved to a completed folder. 

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Handling Multiple Threads

When reading a message that is part of a conversation, Y Meadows can retrieve the initial message ID along with the original message’s content.

Here’s a real-world example of how a Y Meadows journey utilizes this capability. The italicized text highlights where this functionality is used

Use case example:

A customer sends in a message regarding a missing delivery. The customer references only their own Purchase Order number. The Y Meadows journey reads the message and performs the following steps:

  • Extract the PO number from the incoming email
  • Query the PO database to validate that it is a known PO Number
  • Retrieve the information linked to the PO including the delivery number
  • Forward the customer email with the retrieved PO / Delivery number to the shipping department to ask them for information about the missing delivery
  • Handle the reply from the shipping department by extracting the reason for the missing delivery and the new delivery date
  • Create an reply email based on the initial requestor email (subject and body) with the info received from the logistics department

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