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Are you looking for an efficient and reliable way to automate your Salesforce processes? Look no further than Y Meadows!

Y Meadows is the ultimate tool for automating Salesforce processes. Our tight integration with the Salesforce platform allows you to quickly process changes in near real time. Y Meadows immediately processes every case, using low-code/no-code engine to perform powerful workflows to get the job done right.

Our advanced engine allows you to configure powerful automation flows and manage complex business processes with ease. Configure your own custom journeys, trigger automated emails and notifications, and integrate with third-party services.

Don't waste your time and money with inefficient Salesforce automations. Take control of your business processes with Y Meadows and see the results!

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Case Triage

Y Meadows’ Salesforce Integration processes every incoming case. Our machine learning model determines what your customer wants. Once our AI understands the meaning of the case, it is automatically assigned to a specific queue, or a Y Meadows automation can follow any playbook.

In addition to determining the intent, Y Meadows has the ability to extract relevant information from the case; email addresses, phone numbers, order numbers – virtually any information that is useful for processing the case. Y Meadows offers an efficient way to process inquiries quickly and accurately, providing the best possible customer experience.

Sentiment Analysis

Y Meadows’ Salesforce integration allows us to determine the sentiment of every customer interaction. Using our proprietary “Fury Index”, we measure the tone of each interaction. That information can be added to case fields for reporting and is useful for escalating cases in Salesforce. As a bonus, sentiment is visible inside a Y Meadows Analytics Dashboard, giving management insights into patterns and trouble spots.


If you have set up templates within Salesforce, Y Meadows can take advantage of those templates to send automated responses to customers. All of the messages are sent through the Salesforce platform, so you have a complete record of all interactions.

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Files & Attachments

Use Y Meadows to process files that customers attach to their cases. Y Meadows offers powerful document processing capabilities. Information can be extracted from documents; scanned images can be OCR’d; spreadsheets and CSV files can be parsed and processed.

Send Forms

Do your agents struggle to get the information they need to process a case? Do they waste time confirming basic information? Use Y Meadows to request the missing information from the customer. As the customer completes the requested information, Y Meadows can automatically update the case and move it to the appropriate queue.

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