Save time without hurting your CX

Automate customer support requests that are slowing your team down and repurpose their time on things that require real human judgment.

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Automation that Saves You Time

Help your customer support team scale by automating at least 15-20% of your team’s work. Manage spikes and seasonality without hiring and firing.


Save hundreds of hours by letting Y Meadows route tickets. Y Meadows easily handles high volumes or spikes in customer requests.


Remove 'swivel tasks' by having Y Meadows enrich tickets for agents, so they can spend less time researching requests.


Automate the simple stuff, and reduce headcount needs while maintaining a quality customer experience.

Automate Steps
Automate at least 17%
of your total support steps
Eliminate Repetition
Robotically resolve 100% of repetitive
work - no human intervention!
Meet SLAs
Improve customer
response times by 28%

Customer Service
Automation Benefits

Supercharge your support team
Accelerate ticket resolution times
Improve staff morale
Strategically add headcount
An image of people working together on policies.

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