Y Meadows App For Slack


The Y Meadows App For Slack can only be used by Y Meadows customers. Please learn more about Y Meadows at our website. Pricing information is available here.

There are three ways to use the Y Meadows app for Slack.

  1. To put messages into Slack channels as part of an automation workflow
  2. As a source of messages that can be used to trigger Y Meadows automations
  3. As a way to collect Yes/No feedback from a user and trigger an automation when that feedback is provided

Note that it is possible to use all 3 of these options in a single use case - it's OK to mix and match!


The Y Meadows App for Slack is commonly installed during the process of creating a new Connection in the Y Meadows app.

Components > Connections > New Connection

Then choose “Slack Messages Webhook” as the connection type.

After creating a name and description for the new Connection, when the Save button is pressed you should get a new window from Slack asking for authorization.

If you are not already logged into Slack, use your normal Slack login credentials.

If you are a Slack admin you will simply be asked to authorize the installation of the Y Meadows app

if you are not a Slack admin, you will be asked to request an installation. Your admin will then get that request and must approve before the Slack app will work with Y Meadows.

Important note - before you can use the Y Meadows app for Slack with a specific slack channel the app will need to be installed into that channel. This is easy to overlook as there are some places in the Y Meadows UI where you will see the complete list of Slack channels. Although Y Meadows can see all the channels it can only interact with channels where the app has been added.

AFTER an admin has approved adding the Y Meadows app for Slack to your Slack account it is simple to add the app to a channel. When looking at messages in the target channel, click the “+” button in the bottom left. Choose “Browse Apps” and search for “Y Meadows”. Once you find it, click on the Add button. In some organizations an admin will need to approve this as well.

The Slack channel is now ready for use with Y Meadows!


If you encounter any issues with installing or using the Y Meadows app for Slack please contact us via email at support@ymeadows.com or you can submit a ticket using the Y Meadows support portal at https://support.ymeadows.com. If your company has a Slack Connect shared channel set up with Y Meadows, you can use that to reach us as well.


The general Y Meadows privacy policy is located at https://ymeadows.com/en/privacy-policy and in your master service agreement with Y Meadows. The following is specific to how we use data for the Y Meadows app for Slack.

Y Meadows gets a list of channels in your Slack workspace to show the dropdown of possible channels to subscribe to. We do not retain this information.

We also get any Slack messages you subscribe to via Y Meadows and information on any buttons pressed in messages if you subscribe to Slack Button presses. This data is used for the automation. We use AI to analyze what the customer is asking for in the message. We may use its content in performing the configured automation. Messages may also be used for retraining the AI model. Because of this, we retain the messages indefinitely. However, we can reduce the retention period to any period of time you desire contact Support (see above) to make that change.

Any data retrieved via steps in the workflow will be discarded within 7 days of the completion of the workflow execution. That period of time can also be changed. Please contact Support to do so.

If you wish to receive a copy of any data you have given us, please contact Support.

If you wish to have any data you have given us deleted, please contact Support.

Our support team will work to fulfill these requests as fast as possible to keep you in compliance with any data protection regulations that you are subject to.

Terms Of Service

The Y Meadows Slack app can only be used by organizations with a subscription to the Y Meadows application. The use of the Slack app will be governed by that subscription agreement with Y Meadows.