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Artificial Intelligence

Got a question regarding Y Meadows AI technologies? Our Artificial Intelligence FAQ is here to answer all of your questions about the technologies we use such as natural language processing, robotic process automation, and machine learning.

What is Robotic Ticketing Automation?

At Y Meadows, we combine 3 advanced technologies to create a cutting-edge category-defining customer service automation solution. We call it Robotic Ticketing Automation.

  1. Natural Language Processing: Refers to the ability of a computer program to understand human language as it is written
  2. Low Code Automation (RPA): Refers to software that can be easily programmed to do basic, repetitive tasks across applications
  3. Machine Learning: Refers to the ability of a computer program to improve automatically through experience and with the use of data

How is Y Meadows’ NLP different from traditional NLP models?

Y Meadows' NLP is built specifically for customer support. We use your business’s data to create custom NLP models specifically for your business needs. Since we use the best pre-trained models in the world, we can increase accuracy by 5-8% (a very significant gain) by automatically fine-tuning the model to your specific data. This is part of the Y Meadows secret sauce.

Does Y Meadows use keyword detection?

No, rather than identifying keywords to represent the intent of a message, Y Meadows is able to fully read and intelligently interpret messages from end-to-end. By doing so, Y Meadows avoids any false positives that might come with keyword detection.

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