Frequently Asked Questions


Got a question regarding implementation? Our Implementation FAQ is here to answer all of your questions about implementing Y Meadows AI such as difficulty, speed, and maintenance.

How hard is it to connect Y Meadows to our ticketing system?

Integrating systems with Y Meadows is relatively easy for users. For popular ticketing systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, Helpscout, Freshdesk, Front etc, the technical implementation should take around 10 minutes, as Y Meadows has pre-built integrations with most of these systems.  

How hard is it for Y Meadows to integrate with other systems?

Popular 3rd party applications (billing systems, CRMs) that don’t yet have a pre-built integration for Y Meadows will take the same time as pre-built integrations because Y Meadows will develop the integration ourselves (development time varies depending on system). Custom or legacy applications may require more input from users during the integration process and system capabilities determine integration timelines.

What does your implementation process look like?

You will be assigned an implementation consultant who will guide you through the process.   Total elapsed time can be as short as 2-3 weeks.

How much maintenance will Y Meadows require?

Very little.  As your business evolves, you’ll want to update Y Meadows so that it can process new types of issues.  You will have the tools to do that yourself, or you can engage our experts.

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